The Five Best Wedding Proposals of All Time

The question “will you marry me?” may rank among the most anticipated and celebrated phrases in any language or culture. With its unique power to sweep in an entirely new future for a to-be couple, fewer phrases are as simultaneously exhilarating, terrifying, and yes — carefully planned out.

The wedding proposal itself is an art form. From skywriting to choreographed dances to flash mobs, there is no trick spared when one wants to hear the word “yes” to that ultimate question.

For your entertainment and inspiration(!), the team at Angel Project has put together top five of our favorite wedding proposals for you.

Watch below, and enjoy:


5. The Proposal: He Loved Her Since They Were 10

Sam and his girlfriend Jessica are asked to be the featured couple in Sam’s cousin Matty’s music video. All throughout the day, the shooting takes place in all of Philadelphia’s iconic places, including the LOVE park. It isn’t till the last scene at a local restaurant when Sam gets down on one knee, does Jess get wind of what’s actually happening. Points to Sam for a best-friend, best-boyfriend love that’s stayed strong and touchingly unwavering throughout the years.


4. 365 Day Proposal

Romantic Dean takes the proposal pre-planning to a new level. On her birthday in January 2015, Jennifer is guided to the beach at Aruba by a series of friends and family members. She sits down to watch Dean’s ultimate countdown video, stringing together 365 days’ worth of playful, candid marriage proposals up until that very day: through meals, showers, workouts, and solo dance sessions.


3. Aussie Guy Proposes to Girlfriend in Packed Cinema

At the movie theater on a seemingly normal date with his girlfriend Amy, Liam Cooper coordinates with the theater to play on the big screen, his proposal music video to the song “Rude” by Magic. The ingenuity and humor of this proposal makes us want to laugh through tears, just like Amy! (We love the movie attendant who can’t help but cry while watching the video).


2. Justin and Emily: The Proposal

You have to give it to Justin Baldoni for production value! On April 13th, he invites his girlfriend Emily to the restaurant where they had their first date, but tells her he’s running late. The restaurant is cleared out for her, as she watches Justin’s video, a beautiful production that ticks off every wedding proposal box: boy band music videos, a radio announcement, flash mobs, an action movie sequence, and yes — even “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.


1. The Ultimate Lip Dub – Bruno Mars’ “Marry You”

It’s true — Bruno Mars couldn’t have created a more perfect wedding song than “Marry You” if he tried. Try finding a wedding without its blessing! This proposal manages to refresh the song again with its creativity. Girlfriend Amy rides in the back of an open car, as groups of friends and family members dance in and out of her view, cheerfully, enthusiastically, and gamely lip dubbing their hearts out. We love this proposal for its sincerity, and for Amy’s nonstop giddy laughter.