Photography by Angel Project

Photography by Angel Project

About Us

We met back when were in college. We were on and off for many years but have been together again for over two years. We are soul mates and the best of friends. Our time is spent enjoying each other's company or the company of our friends and family. 

Michael works for Con Edison in the Bronx and I, Nicole, work for family doing property management and fundraising. We enjoy making the most of our time together. We enjoy going on hikes and exploring. We love a good scenic view or abandoned places. 

Photography by Angel Project

Photography by Angel Project

How We Met

We met on May 12, 2007 when Mike walked through a crowd of his friends and said, "I bet I can guess your middle name." Sure enough he did! We talked, took shots of Malibu and laughed as he told silly stories. His friends were all waiting in the car for him so I quickly gave him my number. All of Mother's Day, we were texting each other until he came by that night. We got Ralph's Italian Ices, which he’d never had before! 

I showed off by driving us in my mom's BMW convertible. We hung out a few times before he got the courage to kiss me for the very first time. He pecked me on the lips and ran out my front door. From there, our tale began. People, friends and family who know us know that we were always breaking up and getting back together. It was a rocky worthwhile road we traveled down. 

He had always said, "I wish we met when we were older." We would go our separate ways and dated others but always seemed to come back to each other. Then we would begin the texting and sneaking around to hang out because we didn’t want anybody to find out.

On August 26, 2013, he had texted me yet again. I waited 2 weeks, the longest I've ever waited, to text him back. We decided to meet up at the gardens in Farmingdale University on September 8, 2013. We knew we always loved each other and decided to give it one final shot. Our souls finally found each other again and it couldn't have been more perfect. We have always been soul mates but the timing was never right, until that very day.

Photography by Angel Project

Photography by Angel Project

Our Proposal

The weekend of May 8, 2015, Mike had planned a getaway for my birthday. He wouldn’t tell me where we were going but the morning of gave me a riddle. The riddle gave hints to where we’d go and what we’d do throughout the first day. I didn’t expect a proposal but everyone aside from my family kept asking, “Is he going to propose this weekend?” Now I started getting nervous! 

The morning of, we got in the car and we were off! Eventually I found out we were heading to Boston, MA! It was the perfect day. We followed the riddle and unraveled the clues along the way. We strolled through beautiful parks, walked down the Freedom Trail, got coffee, whoopie pies, saw the Boston stone and much more. 

The day was so well planned and thought out. We then headed to our next spot, an abandoned jail! We love exploring abandoned sites. He made me a book describing the Charles Street Jail showing photos and stories. We pulled up and I got confused there was a bellhop was waiting outside. In my head I thought “Wait, was this a hotel?!” Sure enough we were staying at this abandoned jail, which is now turned in to the Liberty Hotel. I was amazed and stunned. 

We got to our room and had a beautiful view of the Charles River. We relaxed until it was time for the secret dinner. I kept asking, “How fancy should I dress?” I was freaking out at the thought that he may or may not propose. I even felt his pocket as we walked down the hall to the elevator but no sign of a ring box. 

Sure enough he knew I would do that so he hid it in a sock down the front of his pants! We went downstairs and he needed to use the bathroom. Now I know it was obviously to take the ring out! Next we asked the bellhop to take our photo. As he went to take the photo, Mike got down on one knee. 

All I heard was “I love you…” I can’t remember what else he said or what I said. I kissed him and we were both so overwhelmed with joy. We had trouble getting the ring out of the box but one we did he placed it on my hand. 

Photography by Angel Project

Photography by Angel Project

Our Wedding Day

Our wedding day will take place July 16, 2016. 

The guests will arrive at the Somerely in Fox Hollow at 11:30AM. There will be breakfast, juice and coffee for everyone to enjoy. From there, the ceremony will take place at 12PM. Our 17 bridal party members, his mother and father as well as my mother and father will join Michael and me. We will exchange our vows in front of family and friends. 

Once we become husband and wife, it's time to party! The reception will follow after with tons of great food and an amazing DJ. All the while TJ and his crew will be capturing our amazing day! 

Once the wedding is over, Michael and I will continue celebrating next door at the Inn at Fox Hollow with close family and friends. We are very excited and patiently awaiting the biggest day in our lives, the day we become husband and wife!

Photography by Angel Project

Photography by Angel Project

Our Time with Angel Project

We have only taken our engagement photos thus far. We dragged TJ on a hike while he worked his magic. We couldn't have been happier with our engagement photos. TJ was also the photographer at my best friend's wedding. He was the easiest photographer to work with. You didn't feel as though you were taking tons of photos yet he got amazing shots of the entire day. 

We can't wait to see our future wedding photos!