Winter is now upon us with Christmas carols filling the air, the weather getting colder and the first signs of snow! While most couples shy away from the thought of a winter wedding, there are many reasons you may want to reconsider. Winter weddings are usually associated with headache, inclement weather, and worst or best of all snow. But fear not, here are some reasons why you might want a beautiful winter wedding!

1.       The Weather

Yes of course there is a chance the weather may take a turn for the worse but did you know that even in the cloudy winter day, with snow and the right photographer, the soft reflected light can add a unique and once a year look to your once in a lifetime day! And snow, as you know… only comes once a year for New York City! Don’t let it slip by you.

2.       The Price


Did you know most wedding venues, and wedding-centric services (e.g. bands, photographers, etc) will offer special prices during the traditional off-season for weddings because everyone is so preoccupied with the summer and fall! You’ll find that it’ll be far easier to find the perfect date and that prices will be far more manageable in the colder months. This is especially helpful for those of you on a budget.

3.       The Outfits

Don’t worry about the winter boots and thick coats. You’ll find that instead of having to worry about sweating and wearing as little (or as much) as possible you can broaden your wardrobe choices. From fur to textures and patterns, your options are endless. If you’re not sure what would look great or how to choose outfits take a look at our past post!

4.       Destination Wedding

What? You heard me right! A destination wedding to somewhere tropical and usually inhospitably hot in the summer can be absolutely perfect in the winter. We’re talking the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Hawaii, you name it not only are flights oftentimes cheaper on the “off days” (near Christmas, or New Years for example), but as we mentioned before, venues will often offer discounts in the winter months as well.

We hope to have helped you make your wedding plans just a little bit smoother! If you would like to take a look at some more photos by Angelproject just check out our gallery.