The best engagement shoots share one quality in common: they look natural and intimate. Interlocked fingers, intense gazes, and beaming smiles against beautiful backdrops — every shot fluidly and organically tells the story of a couple’s affection for each other. 

For some brides and grooms however, conjuring up feelings of love can become difficult the minute a camera appears. This discomfort can lead to stiff, awkward body language as a couple suddenly forgets how to embrace each other, kiss, or even stand. 

Below, the team at Angel Project lays out four foolproof ways for any bride and groom to feel comfortable and pose candidly, yet attractively, during a much-anticipated engagement shoot.

1. Pick a compatible wedding photographer.

Selecting a photographer who has positive synergy with you and your partner is one of the most important factors in any successful engagement shoot. In addition to demonstrating keen creative direction, a wedding photographer should have the emotional intelligence to set a positive tone. Whether searching for a gregarious, lively or a calm, composed personality, find a photographer who makes you and your partner feel most at ease.

Photography by Angel Project

Photography by Angel Project

2. Define the desired vibe and pick the ideal location.

Environment is key to feeling comfortable. The location for your engagement shoot will wildly range depending on the desired ambience. For example, a park in the daytime may be suitable for upbeat, playful engagement shoots; while a vibrant city backdrop at twilight may be perfect for a sensual, romantic mood. Whatever the nature of the preferred atmosphere may be, take care to select an emotionally resonant location. Finding the right place that conveys your and your partner’s personalities will help the two of you to navigate your engagement shoot with candid movement and interaction.

Photography by Angel Project

Photography by Angel Project

3. Focus on relaxing yet keeping your body language flattering.

In attractive yet natural poses, brides and grooms should loosen up their body language while keeping conscious of their silhouette and shape. Just as in real life, one’s arms flatly and unnaturally dangling by the sides in an engagement shoot is a discouraged pose. Successful and flattering engagement poses almost always include a bit of space between the arm and body, or the arm upwards in motion against and/or around the partner. 

Photography by Angel Project

Photography by Angel Project

4. Authentically convey the connection between you and your partner.

Being in tune with one’s partner is equally as important as staying aware of one’s own body language during the engagement shoot. Little considerations like talking and laughing with your partner between poses will help to create a comfortable ease throughout the shoot. 

During the actual poses, intentional touch between the bride and groom is important. Easy means of conveying the intimacy and chemistry so crucial to a successful engagement shoot include actions like leaning in; closeness at the hips; sustained, smiling eye contact; and of course, any bride and groom’s favorite — the kiss!


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