The clouds have passed… for the most part, and summer seems like it’s finally here to stay for a little while. The weather’s looking great here in the NYC/Long Island area and for those of you couples planning your weddings for the summer season listen up for some great ideas and tips all couples should know!

1.      Be considerate!
Well, you must be saying, I am considerate already what do I need this reminder for? For one, we want to remind you to be considerate of your guests if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. Whether it’s just the ceremony or includes the reception and party, summer is generally hot. Depending on where you’re planning on getting married yes this could vary a little but spending 12 hours outdoors might not be as fun as it looks in the photos! More importantly, be considerate towards yourselves! Remember, your wedding is about you guys so if you’re hot and uncomfortable then that takes priority! Not only can you help this through your fashion choices and venue locations, but just being ready mentally can go a long way. Of course, if you’re like me and you love the summer heat and sun then by all means pass this tip by!

2.      Short and Light
Out are the elaborate huge dresses of the past! If you’re not much of a dress person to begin with why bother with something that you’ll only be minimally satisfied with! Let your personality (and the weather) come into play if you’re planning a summer wedding. Consider going shorter and showing shoulders and ditching the veil. Fabric choice and color should complement the rest of your decor too but there are definitely bolder and stronger colors coming back in season after our period with neutrals and pastels.


3.      Summer Game Time
With the many more hours of sunlight, we’re seeing many more couples choose to use their time in the sun wisely with plenty of outdoor activities and festivities that directly integrate the weather and location! Instead of just looking nice for the photos, access to fields and the outdoors makes casual games more than just a pastime! But please, save the competitive basketball or flag football for your other weekends!

4.      Be wary of the sun!
Wait, what? Did you just tell me to be careful of the sun for a summer wedding? Yes, yes I did. The last thing you want is to be red and burnt for your special day! Take extra care to use the recommended amount of sunscreen if you know you will be spending a lot of time outdoors, even on cloudy days! It’ll not only help your skin from getting burnt but avoiding all that UV radiation means less blemishes, pimples, and other mishaps in general! Of course, any professional photographer should be able to minimize the appearance of sunburn in your photos, but after having been there trust me… this is something you’d rather avoid!

Hopefully you’ll find these tips helpful for the seasons to come and stay tuned for more from the staff here at Angel Project!

photos courtesy of Sam Kim, Angel Project Photographer