For those brides and grooms planning for a cozy and comfortable fall wedding, look no further! Here are some suggestions we have for planning the perfect wedding. Using our experience and the latest trends we’ve come up with some surefire considerations to really take your wedding planning to the next level.

1.     Fashion

We all know that there are several “pillars” to a wedding. Usually decorations, food & drinks, et cetera are the first aspects that come to mind. But paramount to anything else is the bride’s dress and look. Fall is marked with classic colors such as maroon and shades of orange or yellow. We love our textures and the cooler weather means that we can be way more creative with our dresses! Don’t hesitate to include a cashmere sweater, or go for really comfortable weaves that capture the look and feel of the autumn months.


2.     Food & Drinks

Keeping with the theme of autumn, this is the perfect chance to really seize the flavors and dishes that make the fall (i.e. Thanksgiving) so iconic. Go wild with apple cider, cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar. Don’t be afraid to have some pie, whether pumpkin, pecan, apple, or your own wild concoction, your guests will surely enjoy the consistency! Comfort foods are your strength and for signature cocktails be sure to infuse these flavors into your drinks.


3.     Color Scheme

As briefly mentioned in the previous section, colors for fall include but aren’t limited to deep reds like burgundy and scarlet, to warm oranges of pumpkins and the sunset, to rustic browns that complement the woods. Throw in some dark greens and experiment with a nice purple and you’re sure to have everyone gawking at your beautiful decorations!


4.     Flowers

Taking inspiration from our dress and color scheme, some great fall flower recommendations include but aren’t limited to: Asiatic Lilies, Dahlias and Gerbera for wonderful orange tones, the classic Rose and Yarrow for nice rich reds, and purple Alstroemeria and disbudded Chrysanthemum for that spark of royalty. Pick fillers with more neutral colors to balance out the intensity and for more textural diversity in your bouquet!


5.     Cake

And lastly, for your cake you should utilize the flavors of molten sugar and caramel where that delicious Maillard reaction can distinguish your cake! Once again borrowing from our food and drinks inspiration, look for those great fall flavors to accent the sometimes overpowering sweetness of a traditional wedding cake. They’ll help cut through and really make your cake not only look beautiful but be just as delicious as well.