Last year, in October, we shared the first post in our “Wedding Proposals” blog series, rounding up the best, most heartfelt ways of popping the big question. The post was so popular that our team at Angel Project decided that a part two was in order.

Below, view more wedding proposals which vigorously prove that romance is alive, well and kicking. It’s the truth — with a bit of creative planning, ample blessings from family, friends, and other witnesses, and a dedicated camcorder, a wedding proposal can capture the imagination for years to come. 

Do you have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!


5. Matt Still and Ginny Joiner: Ask Me To Marry You Like In The Movies

Is it just us or are movie theaters absurdly cool about letting romantic guys hijack their venues for wedding proposals? In yet another cinematic take on this gesture, Ginny watches a homemade big-screen trailer of her boyfriend Matt Still asking her dad’s permission for her hand in marriage, and then driving furiously to the very theater where she’s at. By the time, he bursts into the theater with a very real-life ring, she’s in happy tears. This is the best kind of surprise twist.


4. Vartan and Tania: Honey, Is This Wedding Proposal Flash Mob For Me?

When your boyfriend commissions a flash mob, chances are, the wedding bells are ringing for you. However, Tania doesn’t suspect a thing when her boyfriend Vartan asks for her help in choreographing the dancers’ routine. She coordinates, imagining that it’s for another couple’s “surprise proposal” at Tivoli Village in Las Vegas… up until the very last notes of Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” fade out, and Vartan emerges, suited up and beaming, from the crowd. 


3. John Legend: Best Opening Act for Marriage Proposals Everywhere

When it comes to orchestrating an unforgettable proposal to your favorite lady friend, you could do way worse than enlisting an actual John Legend performance of “All of Me”. Here, Legend keeps at his dreamy piano-playing throughout the spotlighted couple’s moment, glancing up and smiling every so often. The only struggle for a man who decides to propose with Legend as opening act? Topping this romantic pinnacle at the wedding.


2. Glee Flash Mob Wedding Proposal: When Two Fans Become One

Glee and wedding-proposal-related flash mobs just go together like PB&J because if there’s one word that Glee is synonymous with, it’s “love”. So in the middle of the enthusiastic singing and dancing set list during Seattle’s 3rd Annual Glee Flash Mob, it seems very natural for one fan to suddenly stand up and pop the big question to his girlfriend. On cue, the crowd explodes around them into confetti, cheering, and dancing — so perfectly Glee.


1. A Wedding Bouquet Is The Best Way to Pay It Forward

This beautiful bride doesn’t mind sharing the spotlight and spreading the love. When it comes time to throw the bouquet, the bride uses the flowers to set the stage for a sweet, incredibly touching proposal between two of her best friends. That day, the wedding guests get to congratulate two sets of happy lovebirds. Not all proposals need to be grandly orchestrated, and we love the simplicity of this romantic gesture.


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