Lisa & Ryan had their wedding (06/03/16) ceremony and reception at the Estate of Three Village Inn. While the day began with an overcast sky and small chance for rain, Lisa and Ryan began their preparations for the wedding shortly after 1 PM. Ryan chose to get ready with his groomsmen at a nearby hotel and Lisa was in a cottage a short walk from the Estate. Her lovely dress was a delicate white color that contrasted beautifully with the purple dresses of the bridesmaids. Her bridal party consisted seven bridesmaids and two maids of honors who were distinguished by their darker purple dresses. 

Ryan and his party decided to embrace the summer season with light tan suits and incredible shoes. After finishing all their preparations the first look occurred in the middle of a gorgeous field, where the ceremony was to be held later. Despite a small shower that began to pick up shortly after the first look, our luck paid off and it cleared within the hour leaving behind beautiful rainbows and great lighting for the outdoor family portraits. The energy in the estate was electrifying and everyone was truly enjoying the company. On such a stressful day for many couples, Lisa & Ryan with the help of their bridesmaids and groomsmen were able to relax a little and have some fun.

Around 6 PM, with many guests beginning to arrive and fill the seats in the field one could tell that the reception following would be just as exciting. After a passion-filled and genuine ceremony the guests enjoyed the cocktail hour that was immaculately prepared by the team at the Three Village Inn. From an assortment of artisan cheeses and cured meats to some great sliders and vegetarian lasagna the cocktail hour was also accompanied with live music. With an open bar, guests were quick to get comfortable with each other and the atmosphere continued to lift. Lisa and Ryan had a quick shoot by the ocean side and it was a great chance for them to catch their breath. One of the highlights of the reception had to be Billy Mac, a percussionist, who with only a small assortment of drums really pushed the music from merely satisfactory to outstanding.

That's not to say that the DJ and MC were a slouch. They were unobtrusive but knew how to encourage the guests to enjoy themselves. Lisa and Ryan had a beautifully decorated reception hall with orange accents. When they hit the dance floor, Lisa really shined and their guests were just as animated. After speeches by the maids of honor and best man, Lisa and Ryan danced with their parents-in-law and cut their cake. The cake was a beautiful four level angel bread with sugar frosting. As the reception slowed down, many guests were enjoying the outside seating and fair weather, while others continued to dance. With the night coming to a close, Lisa and Ryan were still ecstatic, even if exhausted, and they made sure to greet each and every guest that came (roughly 250).


VenueEstate at the Three Village Inn

Dress: Allure Bridal from “My White Wedding”

Suits: Rented from Bonaventure in Mineola “Lord West” Brand
(Shoes: Bruno Homme)

Cake: Through Venue (Rolling Pin Bakery)

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