Spring Is Finally Here!

Spring marks the beginning of the wedding season for most couples (don’t fret you winter wedding lovers we have you covered too!) and for others, it means the beginning of the daunting process of planning for your wedding. Here are some trends that have been really making a statement in 2017 so whether you just need some inspiration or are looking for a place to start planning, I’m sure you’ll find these tips a great read!

1.       Subtle Colors

The modern trend has definitely embraced the warm, faded look that subdued watercolor or pastel colors can bring. There’s definitely merit to going with season friendly colors such as a nice grape green or lavender!

2.       Flowers, flowers everywhere!

Flowers, stereotypical? Maybe, but there’s a reason they’re so popular not just as wedding staples such as the bouquets but they add a vibrancy and life-filled atmosphere that’s hard to come by without them! You can modernize with simplicity and a more minimalistic approach where carefully chosen centerpieces are favored over excessive crowding.

3.       Outdoor Venues

With the weather finally calming down you can definitely personalize your wedding by taking advantage of outdoor settings such as barns, fields, or places with an iconic landmark or building to really help your wedding day stand out and be memorable.

4.       Rustic & Vintage

I’m sure you must’ve seen the popularity of the “rustic” and “vintage” look and vibe from clothing trends, to the hippest café’s, and of course weddings. The use of faded furniture, hand-drawn calligraphy and muted neutral color palates all blend together to bring back the homey sense of a time past!

This is by no means an exhaustive list, nor is it a rulebook! The most important part of wedding planning is making sure to stick to who you and your groom/bride are! That’s what makes a wedding memorable, not the designs and decorations, but the people, memories, and experiences shared so don’t forget to have fun!