For many years now, wedding trends have been following along trends in well… people! And why would they not. At its core a wedding is about focusing on the union of the bride and groom and if the way people think is shifting, then logically that manifests in similar changes in wedding trends.

The biggest themes that are in play in recent years are of course personalization and modern minimalism. In the midst of globalization, people have been embracing the idea of personalization as a means of setting themselves apart “from the rest”. And in an event as intimate as a wedding it makes sense that many weddings these days are ditching the superfluous and extravagant weddings of days past. Couples are focusing on showing their personalities, their hobbies, talents, and the things that make them who they are.


In addition, gone are the clutter and richness that marked the weddings of our parents but in is minimalism. Of course, not the extreme minimalism that can sometimes be found in the arts (e.g. John Cage 4’33”) but an ideal that revolves around cleanliness and order.



1. Destination Weddings w/ a Twist

Increasingly couples are experimenting with destination weddings that have literal homages to their hometown from decoration specific references to the food and ambiance. These fresh new takes on destination weddings are sure to pop up more often as the thrill of “being somewhere new” while keeping the “good old faithful” combine.


2. Fresh, Simple Flowers

Flowers that are as fresh as can be seem like a no-brainer but it means softly constraining your bouquet choices to what is in season and is local to your venue. This is an extension of really making a wedding personal by staying more true to the setting of the venue. Of course, fresh picked flowers smell so much better as well!


3. Non-Cake Desserts

From macaroons to ice cream, couples who just don’t enjoy cake as much are feeling less pressure to make a cake the signature dessert of their weddings. What could be more bothersome than having to spend too much money and time on a type of dessert that neither of you enjoy! Feel free to experiment with your favorite desserts and pick what suits your tastes.



4. Out with Dinner

Who says that the main meal of your wedding has to be dinner? Oftentimes a delicious brunch or lunch can be just as fancy if you desire while also being more appropriate for a daytime reception. From waffles to comfort foods, what you eat is just as important as the decorations you have in establishing a relaxing and rewarding wedding experience for everyone!


5. Rustic, Vintage, Classic

An interesting trend that has been moving in more than just weddings but also finds itself in fashion and the arts is the value in history with a modern flair. Many weddings have been designed as a comfortable and rustic look that compliments any outdoor venue. Nothing is overboard, however, with the cleanliness of minimalism keeping in everything in check.


6. Personal Feature Cocktails

Gone with the signature-wedding cocktail and in with well whatever cocktail you want! In a similar vein of thought with the non-cake desserts, why should you be stuck serving your guests cocktails that only a handful of people may enjoy when you can serve them what you enjoy. You can even have separate cocktails from the bride and groom and make a game out of which cocktail is more popular if you dare.