When I started to look at wedding vendors I was completely overwhelmed. After asking some friends for recommendations I spent hours and hours online looking at photos. I came across Angel Project’s Facebook page and looked at every single photo. I fell in love. I called them the next morning and booked an appointment. My Husband is a hard sell; he is not really into photos and thought that a video was a waste of money. Well after he met with the team and saw their work he changed his tone. The sample books and videos were truly amazing and the staff was friendly and passionate about the work. We immediately signed a contract. The entire team was an absolute pleasure to work with. They quickly answered every email and were accommodating when I had to move around our engagement shoot date. On the day of the wedding the photographer was prompt and ready to work. I didn’t have to give him a list of shots I wanted, he knew exactly what to do and when I didn’t want to do something he quickly moved on. He was friendly and funny which went a long way to getting my (huge) bridal party to cooperate. He is also incredibly fast; I received my teaser photos two days after the wedding, the teaser video less than 2 weeks after and most of my photos a month after. And they are all truly amazing! I can’t say enough about Angel Project, I highly recommend.